Sex & the City and Me

Sex in the City Jane DrukerAt 32, in 1998, I moved to New York to work in publishing. Sex & the City was at its starry height and SJP’s Carrie my sartorial role model (incidentally in real life, we had our babies on the same day in the same NY hospital so took pregnancy style notes from her too): I wore nameplate jewellery, laughed myself hoarse in cocktail bars, dated…..a lot, and spent hard earned cash on miniature Fendi baguettes and Jimmy Choos. I even met my husband there, who fell in love with me for my Manolo Blahnik knee high ponyskin stiletto boots (really! I took them on their first outing the night we met at The Chelsea Hotel). He walked into Serena’s bar where I was giggling with a gang of friends and said to his mate – if those boots belong to that laugh, I will marry that woman. And, just like that, it came to  pass.   

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