Tall Tales of the Manopause ! NEW Audio book by our very own F Bloke

Everything Fabulous Begins with an F

If you’ve watched all of NetFlix, Amazon Prime and have had all you can take of Hollywood musical re-runs, then we’ve a brand new, funny and original audio book to check out.

‘Everything Fabulous Starts with an F‘ is by our very own F Bloke, who has turned his quirky and popular F Club column into a brilliant new audio book.   It’s a funny listen about him and his mates, based on ‘real-life baggage and blunders and the brazen lies that guys tell themselves.’

It fixes fact and fiction,  with tales inspired by a bunch of his old school friends who, decades later remain the best of mates.    He even persuaded one of them to narrate the stories; Jonathan Brenner who recently left a high flying corporate career to retrain as an actor.

Set before the Covid era,  join the guys as they ‘Cock blocking on the Strand’,  get caught up in ‘Soho Vice’ and don’t miss my very favourite tale,  ‘The Trophy Wife‘. 

If like me, you are doing a daily 10k walk, this is the perfect length!  It’s  90 minutes, with 14 stories.  

You can find it on over 40 online audio retailers including Audible UK and Audio Books.  We have codes to give you free access from Audio Books so please email me ml@mlpr.co.uk for one! 

Happy Twixmas!  Lots of Love Marie Louise xx 


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