The nourishing cream that soothes even Accutane ravaged skin

Accutane wonder cream

When my daughter Angelica, 21, returned from Edinburgh University in March her face was in a terrible state; it was dry, sore and cracked. Four years ago she’d been on Accutane for bad acne which left her face flawless and spot-free, though desperately parched. The icy Scottish air had wreaked havoc on top and the poor thing was desperate; she couldn’t wear makeup without it crumbling off and she was applying moisturiser every three hours just to try and combat the dryness.

She came into my bathroom, forlorn & desperate and I dug out my most precious cream – Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme, £312 for 50ml. I was given a tiny pot of this luxe product at the brand’s 50th-anniversary event at their Westfield spa. According to the PR, it was a wonder product! So, in awe, I’d put it in the back of my cupboard, saving it for best. It was time to dig it out and see if it could come to my daughter’s rescue. And rescue it did!

“The texture is creamy and rich, like velvet. Instantly I could feel my skin absorbing the nourishing ingredients, leaving my face feeling incredibly hydrated, but not in the greasy way that I was used to,” Angelica says. “After using it every day for a few months all of the dry patches on my cheeks have completely disappeared and my skin no longer looks cracked. Finally I have the smooth, glowing skin that I have been desperate for all these years.”

Accutane Wonder cream

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