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Lyma super supplementsAbout two months into lock-down all my motivation disappeared.  I’m a fashion PR and Instagram influencer and thrive on the busy, crazy life of pre-the Covid clamp down.   So when many clients went on hold, and the fashion industry halted,  I  took my foot off the accelerator to enjoy some much needed downtime.   But, after a while I felt miserable.  Even though I was sleeping like a baby, my rag-doll energy levels were getting me down.

Then, Lyma, the super supplements entered my morning routine.  A friend does the PR and swears by them.  She said they were keeping her going during lock-down, enabling her to juggle her successful wellness consultancy with home schooling, no problem.  I was intrigued and started popping four of these copper capsules every morning.

It took three weeks for them to kick in.    Suddenly out of the blue, I felt inspired, energised and enthusiastic again.  The old me was back.   Up with the lark, back at my desk.  Learning new skills like how to SEO blogs to promote my Instagram coaching business.  The bathroom cupboards were deep cleaned and my wardrobe coloured coordinated.  The fug had lifted and I realised that I’d been a bit depressed.   Yes, no surprise there.

So what’s in these super supplements?  They have been created to make you live your best life and have been made by a group of world leading scientists and nutritionists.  Plus they are one of the few   validated supplements on the market which are proven to supercharge health. 

They work dynamically at the cellular level to reduce inflammation, boost immunity, balance hormones, enhance mental clarity and leave you feeling energised.   

Lyma super supplements

There are 9 key ingredients in there.  

Affron®, a standardized extract from Crocus sativa (saffron) which peer-reviewed evidence has demonstrated is effective in alleviating low mood states and anxiety

KSM-66 Ashwagandha. 600 mg. A powerful adaptogen which calms and restores physical, mental and hormonal balance

Cognizin. 250 mg. A leading nootropic which enhances cognitive function

Cynatine HNS. 500 mg. A superior, highly bio-available keratin for incredible beauty and smart ageing benefits

Lycored Lycopene. 30 mg. The best antioxidant to protect against the ravages of urban life

HydroCurc. 250 mg. 100% bioavailable curcumin for cellular protection and inflammation reduction

Wellmune. 250 mg. Powerful beta glucans providing immune support and balance blood sugar

K2Vital. 75 μg. Superstar nutrient which promotes bone health, longevity and endurance

Vitamin D3. 2,000 i.u. Supports immunity, improves muscle health/recovery and calcium absorption

They certainly worked for me. Apparently its common for them to take about three weeks to work. And, its also recommended to continue with the course to maintain this elevated and optimum mood.

At £149 a month there are an investment. Although I’ve now finished the four week course I am still feeling pretty chipper. So if you need a boost, and have some cash to invest, I definitely recommend them.

You can read more about them here.

Lots of love Marie Louise xx


Like ML, having so much time breezing around the house I’ve rifled right to the back of bathroom cupboards, unearthed diaries circa 1995 that made me weep with nostalgia, and found a serious stash of brand spanking new supplements in a “health” cupboard I overlooked earlier in the year. (I also disposed of the many half used packets marked 2017….huc hum!).

My attitude has simply been “why not?” rather than feeling flat. After all, I have plenty of leisurely time to see them kick in. And most experts say it takes at least a few weeks to notice positive change.

I started with the beauty best – make up guru Bobbi Brown has sold her cosmetics company and has moved into the supplement game. Wherever she goes I slavishly follow, this woman has serious gravitas in the beauty world and her products historically yield real results. Her brand is called EVOLUTION-18 and I’ve been taking Beauty Glow the ultimate skin pill. It contains Vitamins C & E, Grape seed and Hyaluronic Acid: the keys to great and “lit from within” skin. Like most of us I have been wearing a lot less slap so perfect skin has been paramount. I have been taking it for months now and my skin looks healthy, feels silky soft and, as we all emerge blinking into a more normal existence, I have had so many complements and enquiries on my “glow”: hurrah!

In the past couple of weeks I’ve also started taking a daily multi vit, Omega Fish oil and a probiotic from Healthspan. They come in a handy multi pack and are designed for overall wellbeing. Probably a bit soon to tell you if they are working but I promise to keep you posted.

28 day pack £ 14.95

EVOLUTION-18 £15.00

Love Jane x

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