Beauty Lessons in Lockdown

Welcome back beautiful F clubbers!

I know I don’t need to tell you how harrowing the last few weeks have been and that March – spent in carefree freefall of seeing friends, travelling unburdened and spending time in pubs, restaurants and others’ homes – seems a literal eternity ago.

Two months in and my beauty attitude has gone from simply experimental (in a I’ll-try-that new lippie, nail gel, lash lengthening mascara and highlights situation) to an explosive cartoon character colour palette. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

For me – going beauty bonkers has helped. Sifting through make up of old, cleansing brushes, painting every digit differently and trying the colours in the palette that scream “if only I was 17! my eye has re-aligned. Without being office bound and public transport trained I have thrown my trad beige and pretty make up rouse into an out and out Bollywood beauty party. I have been sporting glitter eyeshadow of every hue and I can report it is life-enhancing, soul affirming, downright happiness distilled. Who knew that my adorations would only grow as I became more adult?

At 53, My railroad track roots have been sprayed and overlayed with inky blue, festooned in purple streaks and powdery pink perfection. Spray in and wash out – easy peasy. Dopamine in a can I say.

I fully intend to continue this cheery tradition: watch this space!


EYES: for more on my glitter eyeshadow faves check out my piece on GettheGloss, link here:

Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow Pots £26 (above, Ray)

By Terry Cream Eyeshadow Pens  £29

Barry M Wildlife Eyeshadow Palette in Rhino £7.99

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KMS Style Color Spray in Vintage Blush Rose Pastel; Inked Blue £23.00


Nailberry in Santorini £ 14.50

Yves Saint Laurent Bleu Celadon £22.00

Any and all of OPI, Essie and Barry M neon brights £3.99-£12

Love Jane x

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