Let’s get positive

MrsMLMode sharing her ‘Uniquely Us’ campaign pic

What is unique about you?  I was recently asked this by the American brand cabi clothing on a press trip to Nashville to see the AW19 show.  (yes, it was completely fabulous)

I then had to come up with what I love about myself?  I was stumped on both counts.  It got me thinking about us Brits and how different we are from your American cousins.   Why do we continually play ourselves down?  And more importantly why can I think of gazillions of things I dislike about myself but only a handful I love?

Anyway, I messaged my husband to ask him what he thought was unique about me.  He said ‘verite sans peur’  – which is our family motto and means ‘truth with out fear’ and is something I always refer to when faced with tricky decision.   On a more superficial note, I love my waist & height 🙂

So I say – all hail to the wonderful American positivism and the new ‘Uniquely Us’ campaign from cabi clothing.   Let’s celebrate our own uniqueness and kill the self doubt devil in our head.

If you’d like to join in this campaign, it’s super easy.  Just upload a picture and fill in the spaces.  cabionline.com/i-am-cabi.

You can view the campaign here

Lots of love Marie Louise

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