I got a Balayage !

Anyone know what ‘balayage’ hair is?  I didn’t until a couple of weeks ago.  It’s  hand painted highlights to give a  natural blended and youthful look.  Anyway I’ve been in stuck in a hair rut for months.  And in case you haven’t noticed my hair is poker straight and VERY DULL..  It was time for a make-over.

So I got lucky!  One of my PR friends works for London’s top hair salons Inanch London.  Over a recent lunch I started obsessing over her glorious dark locks with sun-kissed end.  “It’s a balayage” she told me.   “You must try ….”  – and immediately booked me into see Hassan at Inanch London who are specialists in  balayage and ombre hair colouring.

Anyway this week I trotted off for a 5 hour appointment – yes it takes that long!  And I’m hopeful it will make me look ten years younger 🙂

The style inspiration

I was put in the safe hands of colour expert Hassan and after scouring google images we decided on the above look!

Mad back-combing!

The first step was crazy back-combing!  Every strand was carefully pushed back with a fine comb.  I did get a little nervous when Hassan explained the next step was tinting the roots my now birds nest!

About 2 hours later!

After he had put the colour on the roots he carefully bleached the ends, running the product through with his hands!  It was then a 30 minute wait before he washed it out and carefully combed all the knots out – that did take some time!  I’ve filmed all the process on the video below – do check out!  Thank you Hassan, Inanch and Laura!  You can find out more on Inanch London here – it’s on Great Portland Street, London W1 and has won loads of awards.  My treatment costs from £300 and they are also specialists in hair-extensions.  That might be my next hair adventure!   Love Marie Louise x