“Your sexuality is important – you have to use it or you’ll lose it!” says Meg Matthews

Meeting Meg Matthews – original rock chick, interiors specialist, lifestyle blogger and now beauty biz founder – is a whirlwind of fun. She looks as you’d love her too – at 53 she’s rockin’ a green leopard trouser/blouse combo and teetering on huge heels, laden with golden jewellery and tattoos aplenty.A recent one on her neck says ‘This too shall pass’, “that’s my motto about the menopause,” she explains.

Meg’s Menopause is a topic of conversation because this week she has launched a range of lubricants for “down there” plus face cooling sprays creams for midlife women who want to live life to the full.”Why the hell should we give up our looks, our lives and our sexuality just because of the menopause,” she says. Why indeed?

There are 34 symptoms of menopause and Meg started her lifestyle blog -which then turned into her first conference last year – because she experiences (still) so many of them. “It all started when I was about 48, the sweats, the anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, not giving a damn about sex,” she says. She turned firstly to private healthcare but is now “NHS the whole way”, and is currently on HRT. “I tried bio identicals and body identicals but, for me, HRT is the correct choice but every woman is different and no two women will experience symptoms in the exact same way.”

She is urging us all to recognise, “bad days but not to be too floored by them”, and to share our experiences to all help each other. “It’s great we’re talking more and more about it,” she adds, “I’m completely straightforward and even tell prospective dates I’m menopausal!”

On that subject she is passionate, “you’ve got to keep sexual, it’s more difficult to climax in menopause but it is so good and healthy for your body you have to keep practicing – either solo or with a partner.” To that end she is hoping to add sex toys to the current range of vaginal creams, washes and lubricants. So watch this space.

Meg Matthews range is available now at Superdrug.

Love Jane x

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