Inspirational Women at Work: Baukjen de Swaan Arons

Baukjen de Swaan Arons

We love a female founder here at the F Club!  So when I found fashion love with Baukjen last month – a fabulous brand full of great coats and gorgeous suiting, I was curious to find out more from the designer!

Name: Baukjen de Swaan Arons

Job title: Creative Director and Founder of Baukjen and Isabella Oliver

What does your typical work day look like this? No day is the same – that’s one of the things I love about my job. I can be having meetings about fabrics, colours and shapes, or reviewing sales, or be shooting a campaign. It changes from day to day.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I very much enjoy working with my colleagues. We work hard but have a lot of fun along the way. Plus I learn from them every day.

What is your least favourite part of the role?
Luckily I love all the areas I’m involved in. What I find challenging at times is that there’s always so much to do.

Who has been your most influential mentor was or inspiring boss?
I haven’t had a boss for over 16 years. However I’ve had lots of inspiration from women around me – family members as well as friends. The underlying qualities they all have are honesty and a desire support to one another.

What has been your biggest professional achievement?
To be honest there isn’t one big thing. Instead it’s the small things that matter most. From seeing women wearing our clothes, to seeing a team member achieving their goals to having my daughter start to borrow my clothes.

What is the best piece of business advice you have been given?
Focus on what you are good at and do your best.

Looking back on your career now, what do you wish you had known? Trust your instincts more. They’re not out of the blue but instead built upon your experiences, data etc.

What is the trait you most dislike in others and the one you most value?
Dislike: Arrogance
Value: Kindness

What is the trait you most dislike in yourself at work?
Not being able to switch off easily

What has been your biggest career challenge?
For a business, cash is king. You can run out of profit many times but you can only run out of cash once.

What has been your luckiest break?
We’ve had a lot of press coverage and celebrity and influencer’s support. Most recently, Rose Byrne and Sarah Jessica Parker wore pieces from our AW18 collection and that was so exciting to see.

What do you do to wind down?
Candles, bath and a good Netflix series

See below for my favourite pics!  Love Marie Louise xx

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