The fast lash treatment that gives a Botox effect

My husband just asked if I’d had Botox. Yay! Apparently my look of surprise is youthful.

As it goes, I haven’t. I’ve had the Nouveau LVL Treatment from Blow Ltd, delivered in the comfort of my own living room instead.

What is it? LVL stands for Lash Volume Lift.There are a plethora of lash treatments and extensions out there – this one is all about making the most of what is God Given by lengthening, thickening and lifting with special potions.

How is it applied? The treatment itself takes less than an hour; my therapist Christie arrived with one tiny bag containing painless shields to protect lower lashes and frame the upper lashes, a lifting balm (applied for 12 minutes), perming lotion (applied for 7 minutes) and black dye (applied for 3 minutes) plus some comically tiny combs for combing afterwards – they looked like they were hairbrushes for mice! You can’t have the treatment if you’re pregnant as the perming lotion smells pretty pungent.

How do I look? My lashes are of average length but point downwards which is not ideal. This treatment (using the small shield size to get maximum results) took me from having to apply 3 coats of mascara daily to looking naturally Kardashian. It’s “opened” my eyes allowing me to be pretty even make-up less. And it’s not overblown – it looks like God naturally blessed my eyelids.

And aftercare? There is little downtime. I can’t  get them wet for 24 hours, and Christie advised me not to apply mascara for a day or so to let them settle. And to use miscellar water only to take make up off as it’s super gentle. The effect should last between six to eight weeks.

My verdict: I think I could become addicted. I can see this as part of my new beauty arsenal which includes getting ombre nails, having not only highlights but my roots done and regular facials.  Sold.

Cost £65  Blow Ltd

love Jane x

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