Sleeping Beauty: 3 Incredible Tips for your best night’s kip

In the week Nigella Lawson revealed she goes to bed at 7.30pm but only sleeps for two hours at a time, our resident sleep aficionado Fiona Austin says beauty is all about zeds. “We need sleep, not botox”, says psychologist and sleep coach Fiona.“Sleep is when we regenerate – it’s natural to us. And, when someone has a problem sleeping, it means something is wrong.”

“There’s two sides to beauty – body and mind. So no matter how many wonderous creams we have and how much we spend in the beauty parlor – we’re ultimately not regenerating properly”.“The relationship between good skin and sleep is no secret. Cell rejuvenation takes place when your body is resting, which has led to many brands developing products that are enhanced by a good night’s sleep. For instance my skin’s luminosity is better post-rest. So it stands to reason getting more shut eye is the best tip to great skin yet”

Mind? Well in my opinion, you can’t solve your problems yourself effectively. You can bury them deep or talk yourself out of them, but ultimately whatever is upsetting you get’s filed under A, D or I .. Anxiety, Depression or Insomnia.”

Fiona’s top tips to a good night sleep, naturally.

For the mind
Buy a beautiful blank paged book. Before bed make sure you write 3 things you are grateful for. It helps you change your perspective.
In the back of the book if you’re finding it hard to sleep, write all the things that might just contribute to making you worried or anxious. But only a few words on each. Just enough to let your mind know it was heard. But always finish with the grateful. Always.

For the Skin.
There’s so many products out there, but the skin can become ‘immune’ so ‘switch it up’. Don’t pile on lots of products and hope for the best – simplicity is key. See what suits. And of course … protection from the sun all the way.

For the soul.
Walk every day. Breath deep. Invest in some slowdown time away from your desk, kitchen or phone.

Fiona Austin advises on living a life of less stress. Insomnia being one of her specialisations. She has a practice in London and also undertakes distance therapy via video chat.

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