Goodness Gracious Gwyneth & Goop – Look What you Made Us Do!

As September/Back to School/Winter Preparations loom (and I love a good old fashioned out with the old/in with the new edit) Marie Louise and I were sent kits to get our lady parts organised too.  Creams, ungents, scrubs – who knew how necessary these were? Gwyneth Paltrow of course – she of vagina steaming, syrup drinking, high-on-life fame. So, putting irony firmly to one side,  we took a leaf out of her Goop beauty book and spent a little me time getting busy with making our lady garden’s fresh as a daisy. Check out our reviews below!

Bare Derma Super Vagina Kit £29.99

I am famed in my house for hogging the bathroom on a Sunday morning – this is when I slap on that facemask, deep condition my hair and depilitate every nook, all the while listening to Andrew Marr in the background and drinking vats of milky coffee (as hitherto explained, aloe juice drinking goji berry smoothie imbibing Gwyneth I am not). This weekend I added cleanse, rejuvenate and revitalise intimate skin (which is what’s advised on the side of the kit) to the look & feel fabulous list.

As you’d expect this 4 part regime is firmly grounded in natural products (hilariously designed to be kept in a cool dark place! Again, sage advice on the side of the kit). You start with a cleanser of geranium and aloe vera, move onto a scrub with poppy seeds and crushed olives, to a clay mask and finally a lightening cream with mulberry and coconut.

My Verdict? It is all a bit daft to be honest – our bodies are designed to cleanse themselves with a bit of basic hygiene. But, being the lover of all things natural, I used the (small) cleanser all over my body as it smelt lovely and the consistency was shower-gel-like. The scrub was too dense for me, it needs refining for such a delicate area and the other two steps? Seriously who has the time  or indeed desire to “lighten” their vagina?

Check Marie Louise’s review below!  Love Jane

Traditionally hot date preparations starts with a long bath, a face-pack, hair treatment followed by blow-dry, make-up, pretty lingerie & outfit planning.  Now apparently we need to add the Vagacial into the mix .

This summer I met a fabulously high powered PR who had me giggling about a new ‘Super Vagina‘ beauty kit she was launching.   It seems Vajazzling, vag-steaming and vatooing are all passe … and its now all about the Vagacial which apparently, (according to The Sun) the Bare Derma kit will make your lady-garden look younger?!  Interesting.  Is it now time to  anti-age our Vajayjay?

Obviously we had to try it out!

My Verdict? I loved it!  My sadly neglected V-jay, which apart from regular waxing, gets pretty much ignored on the beauty agenda.  It was thrilled.

You start off with the cleanser which is super soft, a little like a face primer.  Follow this by a gritty scrub which had a lovely aromatherapy fragrance.  The calming mask was slightly weird – think clay face-mask with menthol.   You have to leave it on for about 20 minutes and its recommended to smooth it down the inside of your thighs.  But do avoid the in-between bits!  Finish off with a lovely resurfacing cream and bingo its time to rock n roll.   Now where’s that hot date?

The kit is organic, using natural ingredients from England, and made here too.   The Bare Derma Super Vagina kit is £29.99 and you can read more about the company here.

Love Marie Louise

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