Happy Mothers Day F-clubbers

It’s been an insane few weeks of work and travelling for me but on Thursday I had one of those fabulous evenings where you feel “Yeh life makes some sense”. Reason being that I was sat next to Victoria Pendleton’s mum at an event which celebrated her daughter’s cycling achievements. Victoria Pendleton was the rightful star of the show – a British beauty who’ll go down in history for winning Gold in the Beijing Olympics – but the award for life contentment goes to her mum .

I sat next to her for three fabulous hours and she was so authentically happy with her lot in life it was totally infectious. She’s proud of her children and they are of her and she loves the life she lives. Recent studies have shown that we actually do get happier as we age, taking comfort in our life’s positives – health, family and friends – and not longing any more for what we’ll never achieve – holiday homes in Barbados and P Diddy’s yacht! So we can all look forward to life getting better and better and hurrah for that.

Happy Mother’s Day – aren’t we are lucky to have them and be them

Love Jane x




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