Setting the year’s intention!

Marie Louise Pumfrey

I don’t know about you – but this year I’ve a ton of new resolutions.  More networking. More structure to my working week.  Grow my business.  Grow the F club.  Be more cultural.  Be less in my head.  And the most important one – HAVE MORE FUN!

Blimey I need help!  So I booked an ‘Empower Hour’ session with the life coach Giada del Drago, who has trained under the likes of Danny Paradise and Deepak Chopra and specialises in renowned consciousness, healing and empowerment.  It all happened from the comfort of my sofa thanks to Skype.   Giada was like a beacon of sunshine beaming through my iphone on a very grey January day.  And 100% dedicated to talking about was ME!   What a treat.

The focus was on injecting fun in my life.  I went blank when she asked me to visualise what fun looked like to me.  Genuinely I struggled.  She then guided me to creating some easy life tactics to commit to.   First up was mindful dog walking in the morning which is do-able.  Then planning trips away with the husband.  All good.  But the best was making Friday my fun day.   Do stuff to feed my mind, body and soul.  Make it my day and commit to this.

The key note I took from our session is the simple concept that – your thoughts become your reality.  100% I know this and it was a great reminder to switch the negative for the positive and dream!

After the session she sent me some follow up tips.

Connect to the vision of yourself having fun often. Take moments of potential dream-building time.  Fill your imagination with more of what you want in your life.  Imagine on a daily basis what fun looks like.

Uh-Oh … I feel another resolution coming on!

To book a session with Giada del Drago click here

Happy New Year love Marie Louise x


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