How to: Create the ultimate Christmas table

Christmas table decoration

I’ve always been in awe of a very good friend’s styling skills.  Her home is like stepping into the pages of Living Etc, except way, way cooler! And her dining tables are famed, locally in Queens Park, London.  Not to mention the Christmas trees.   Me, my hands are made up of thumbs, and I get that rabbit headlight feeling when it comes to home styling, let alone creating the ‘table’.

So when I decided to host a dinner party for local friends to celebrate my very long new dining room table, I persuaded her to create the vision.  Me,  I was the side-kick, taking notes and concentrating very hard.

So here are the top  tips I learnt

  1.   If you have a long table like I do, buy a long piece of fabric rather than a table cloth.  It’s cheaper and there are more options. Note: cloth here is from John Lewis and goes with every theme.  It’s lace so you can put different colours under to create a different vision
  2. Have a colour theme in mind and choose 2-3 colours max!  She even created a mood board beforehand! 3.Start by laying the plates out first so you can see how much space you have to play with.4. Mix real foliage with statement pieces.  Note we sprayed white paint onto the olive branches and I collected fur cones from the local park Buy shiny reflective objects and satin ribbon to add another dimension and start building layers.  Place the candles first and then decorate around and in between, gradually creating the statement.
    Add some fun with surprise name setting stands like these baubles.  We bought Xmas gift tags and cut off the string from Paperchase.  NB make sure you have the right colour pen to write the names and don’t smudge it! Ta-DaWe’d love to hear any styling tips so do please share!  Happy Christmas  love Marie Louise

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