Feel Good You!

Happy New Year Fclubbers! And here’s to a spectacular one filled with the positive things in life – love, laughter and looking after not just everyone else but YOU. One of my other roles – apart from co-founding with ML our Fclub – is as Editor of Feel Good You. It’s a magazine all about just that – putting you first – your heath, wellness, fitness and emotional resilience. It may sound selfish but actually it is anything but – you cannot be there for everyone else if you aren’t your healthy self. 2017 has been an anxiety inducing year – with everything from politics to crime to safety and the economy: what a relief to begin afresh tonight. In my house we have a South American tradition which is to eat 12 grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve- one wish for each month of the year. And they don’t have to be big goals, it’s often the little things that help you relish happiness in the everyday. Like those mindful practices that change daily life –  a walk in the woods with my dog, a bath filled with Rose Otto oil, a Bioderma face mask, a MAC lippie, a spritz of my favourite perfume (currently Patchouli by Le Labo: it’s heaven), a five minute chat with a mate on the phone or ideally in person, a listen to a burst of Beyonce. These mini uplifters help my day a happy one so I’ll be applying them liberally! And urge you to too. Here’s to a wonderful, happy, healthy and a new year on an upward trajectory.

Love Jane x

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