Full pout, no trout: the gadget that delivers



What is it? The Lip Plumper 

The pmd Kiss is a pink and white mini gadget  that uses vacuum technology and a volume boosting serum of hyaluronic acid to give lips a full appearance. It’s an at- home instant lip filler –  the effects of which last a couple of hours, but it’s highly portable and will fit into your make-up bag. 

What it did for me: 

With the Kylie Jenner look currently very much in Vogue, now is the time to have a major pout that counts. I tend to draw attention to my equal sized upper and lower lip with glosses and vivid  colour and, while I didn’t feel the need for larger lips, as an early beauty adopter I thought – give it a go! You start by placing a small amount of cooling serum on your lips which gives you a tingly feeling, then place the mini vacuum all over your mouth starting with lower lip and moving on to upper, as it pulsates and massages (rather vigorously) sections of your lips. There is a video on the website to guide you but you place the tip directly onto your lip to create a tight seal for suction, then use it over six sections of your lips, pulsing 20 times on each. It does feel deeply weird and a tad ridiculous for a 51 year old woman to have her lips sucked by a gadget but after three minutes I was indeed sporting the Angelina effect. The outer rim of my mouth, in particular, was swollen in a rather fetching fashion.  I do think thin lips can age a face so I can understand this is an instant youthover boost and a bit of fun like glitter and gloss, but at this price, I’d say it’s a bit steep. 

Where from: Price:  £125, CURRENTBODY.com 


Love Jane x

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