Notes from my Dressing Table: Ice Therapy

What is it: The Cooling Facial A kit containing four tea infusions which you heat, cool and put overnight in a silicone cone to freeze. This ice cube therapy is a cooling mini facial if you will.  

What it did for me? According to Hollywood folklore the actress and original diva, Joan Crawford, would splash her face from a bowl of ice cubes the minute she rose from her boudoir. It caught on in 1940s and now, 80 years later,  I know why such an ancient beauty practice feels fresh once again. Using ice to “wake” the face has has the visual effect of a brisk walk in the woods brightening the complexion and flooding it with colour but,  crucially, closing the pores and “tightening” the skin in the process.This Ice Therapy kit from Jalue works on exactly the same principle but ,additionally, infuses your skin with healing herbs of bark and chamomile. The box alone is ridiculously pretty on my bathroom shelf but the process is a bit of a faff. First you pluck one of the four teabags and steep in boiling hot water to release the infusion, then leave to cool before putting it inside the cone to freeze overnight. In the morning you de-puff, by applying the cone to your eyes, face, neck and decolletage in circular motions. You can put a muslin cloth in between so you’re not literally dripping  (I’d advise keeping a face towel handy, especially if sitting on your brand new sofa!) but I actually took out the ice cube from the cone itself and applied direct to puffy morning eyes and it instantly does soothe and shrink the swollen and the sleepy. On my face the remarkable  immediate effect of bringing blood to the surface and brightening makes the rude awakening worth it. I simply applied serum and foundation straight after and looked ready to face the world. For me the tea bit is not strictly necessary, but I will be keeping my cone and simply using the Joan Crawford ice cube method for the forseeable. 

Where from: Price: £39, 

Love Jane x

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