10 Questions with: Dr Frances Prenna Jones

Tiny in form but giant in professional stature, Dr Prenna Jones is one of the beauty industry’s finest cosmetic doctors, with a reputation for turning your skin into the finest version of itself – combating spots and scars and plumping and polishing it to dermal perfection.

She is famous for her Formula 2006 – a one step product that clears, cleans and deeply moisturises. This summer she has increased her range of super stylish distinctive bathroom enhancing black and white products to include lines that “clean”, “treat’, “work”, “enhance” and “fix” and they include big results moisturisers, masks and sponges infused with charcoal.

Today she is Chanel clad with minimal make-up and no nail polish – in the flesh she is a dead ringer for Reese Witherspoon and admits to the same “Miss Type A” personality. Here are her answers to thefclub’s quick fire round of beauty questions.

  1. What’s your attitude to your weight? I believe in balance and being too thin is most definitely not good for the skin.
  2. How often do you go to the hairdresser? Once every couple of months.
  3. Where do you stand on manicures? For work I need clean simple nails – I work with my hands – but I adore a pedicure and the crazier the colour the better.
  4. Describe yourself in 3 words? Organised. Shy. Creative.
  5. What’s your dessert island beauty must have? My new holiday cream.
  6. How many times a week do you work out? I’m a runner and a walker so hopefully daily.
  7. What is your ultimate accessory? I have a pair of diamond stud earrings which I originally got for my 21st birthday  but have upgraded them over the years. They are simple but elegant.
  8. Favourite Food? Oatmeal, or chocolate or caviar – can I have more than one?
  9. Drink? Black coffee is the ultimate anti-oxidant
  10. Tip for looking your best? Have a positive attitude and smile.

Love Jane x

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