Notes from my dressing table: Fabulous fake tan!

I’ve used various brands of fake tan over the years and only one has stood the test of time – Lancome Flash Bronzer gel for face. For me, this has never been bettered. Utterly odourless and makes you look like you live in St Tropez. Fabulous.

But, for body, it’s a bit trickier – I’ve never found a streakless tanner that looks natural. Until now dear reader! New brand Bondi Sands not only has a tan activator which gives you a natural hue on cue, it has a deep tanner perfect for the end of holiday “refreshed” look.

But actually the piece de la resistance is that you can adjust hiccups with the miracle self tan eraser which, if like me, you are a bit of klutz with a mitt, will remove all signs of bad tan application. You just spread liberally over the area and wash off in the shower. Voila! Klutz-proof. It’s a five star product.


Happy holidays

Love Jane x

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