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MrsMLMode at work

This time last year I was feeling shell shocked -professionally speaking. I’d built up my fashion PR agency over ten years, merged with another business and after 18 months decided to leave. I’d been mentally & emotionally swamped for way too long and needed to find myself again.

Over the last 12 months I’ve experienced a fun and fascinating mini paradigm career shift. I became an employee and worked for a leading communication agency for six months.  At the same time I set up The F club with Jane, became a guest lecturer at Leeds Beckett University and have collaborated with some inspiring leaders in the PR game.

But I didn’t see much of the family who were living off ready-meals! So I decided to focus on working direct with brands which has led me to re-launch my website and start the new MLPR business – because – hey I love the entrepreneurial thrill. It’s exciting and full of possibilities.

Key to this new venture is Instagram which I’ve become so fascinated with – check out my MrsMLMode account (do follow me!) I’ve been retraining and am launching an Instagram marketing service too.

Looking back now over the year, I can’t help but ponder on the journey of life. So often I’ve sought new adventures, new horizons and some time later, have end-up in a similar place from where I’ve started! What is that about?

Anyway at the moment it feels good!

Love Marie Louise x

PS – We’d love to hear any of your life / career world journey – do share! x

PPS – anyone at Pure London tomorrow, you can find me on the Spirit stage at 11.15 moderating on bloggers and brands.


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    Great post Marie Louise and best of luck with the new Insta career – I’ve always said you were one of the most stylish women I knew so I am not remotely surprised you have so many followers and are now an Insta expert! Lots of love

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