Is it a man’s world?

I haven’t seen “The Beguiled” yet but I know the delicious combo of Coppola, Kidman and Colin will be epic and I will swoon. The very premise got me thinking about a female centric version of the world and how what we experience gives us a sense of purpose by osmosis.

I grew up in a totally female world – one of three girls in my family and in a single sex boarding school. Mum didn’t figure in my youth because sadly she wasn’t there and I was very close to my dad, but he was away on business trips constantly. So, in general, I was steeped in girl world – hormones, ear piercing, body hair, boys – these were the only topics of the deep-and-meaningful.

Funnily enough,as an adult, my world is male dominated – I have a husband, a teenage boy and (many many) male rabbits. My bathroom is a war zone, my desktop a wince-a-thon (horror flicks and endless “tech”). Thank God I do have a gal pal  in my life – ma bitch –  Miu is a dachsund/Jack Russell  mix and I adore her, she knows all my secrets. I talk to her all the time….I know I know….

Boys behave in a different way to girls – they take up all available space, speak in short grunt-like sentences, smell exceedingly fragrant (and I do mean that shockingly – I picked up four teenagers from sports day last week and my car is still not over it!). But they are also sweetly loving – hugging you when you least expect it, sorting out your IT issues with nary a blink of an eye and complimenting you on your cooking. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Enjoy summer

Love Jane x


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