The One Piece Wonder: Hello Pink Tulle Skirt

I was one of those little girls who spent her days re-dressing her substantial doll collection. I had a miniature wooden wardrobe that housed their myriad outfit changes: from stables to office and then on to the party they would go in a few easy sartorial steps. Beauty wise dolls then had baby belly “buttons” that when pressed immediately retracted their ebullient manes, I spent hours plaiting, re-plaiting and ponytailing while dreaming of my future grown-up self when I could look  fabulously glossy, lustrous, and ready for Charlie’s Angels style action.

Everything about that 5 year old Jane floods back to me when I step into this Essential Antwerp pink tulle midi skirt. The childhood wonder. This garment literally changes how I feel, my physical self more playful, mentally elevated and supercharged with possibility, excitement, FUN. Isn’t that why superheroes have a costume?

And, If joy per wear is the only game in grown-up dressing town, (and why the hell shouldn’t it be?)  – this skirt is an out and out twirl-around—the-room with delight and high- five- me winner.

Which is not to say I don’t realise that it is a truly girly confection – not necessarily suited to a meeting with the bank manager but definitely a summer wedding staple and my plan is to wear it to my God daughter’s 18th in a few weeks time. I am guaranteed to be the only possessor of said skirt – I got it at a sample sale and was assured it was the only one in existence. So none of those embarrassing doppelganger at the wedding moments to navigate.

I am aware it might not speak to many women of my era –  it’s balletic shape and Schiaparelli shade could be deemed junior, but, to my mind,  these are just the things that arrest and delight. So I  make sure to pair it with and understated (or as understated as this Leo gets) top so that the skirt is most definitely the star of the show. Like Carrie in the classic opening sequence of Sex & the City (in a similarly frothy look), I feel like I never know what will happen when I’m wearing my lucky piece. Adventure begin!


Love Jane x

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