Fabian’s Food: Pernil de Cerdo (Shoulder of Pork)

This is a typical dish of Cuba and Mexico – it’s incredibly simple to prepare and extremely tasty – and there’s plenty of meat for a roast dinner and leftovers to add to sandwiches, burgers, pizzas etc. It’s one of those one pot wonders you put in the oven and leave most of the day and have a “ta da” feast at the end of it, I call it holiday food.

Cooking time: from 4 to 7 hours

Pre heat oven 160 degrees for 45 minutes before you put the meat in


Medium size pork shoulder de-skinned and de-boned

6 gloves of garlic

2 bunches of lemon thyme

Handful of chopped parsley

2 pinches of cumin

1 white onion

Generous amount of salt & pepper

Half a litre good quality orange juice


Place pork shoulder in a deep baking or roasting pan

Drizzled with a small amount of olive oil

Roughly chop onion and place on top of meat

Add all the other ingredients – herbs etc

Add orange juice

Pack in foil tightly around the lid

Place in the oven

Every 45 minutes turn the shoulder using tongs to rotate

It should always be half immersed in the juice

For the last hour of roasting take the foil off so the meat roasts

When it’s ready it should literally be falling apart

Let it sit for 30 minutes before you “pull” it using two forks in an outward motion

For a Caribbean flavour serve with rice

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