When a Beauty Editor Turns 50

Having tried every beauty trend of the last 30 years and now at 50,  Jane was invited by leading beauty website Get The Gloss to give her beauty regime a (mostly) age-appropriate edit.  So if you didn’t read it, we are sharing it below. 

As a 50-year-old former beauty editor and lifelong beauty aficionado, I know a thing or two about the trends that come (square nails, vajazzling), the ones that go (sunbeds, grapefruit boob jobs) and the odd few that boomerang right back (Bardot hair, liquid eyeliner and ruby red lips).

My love affair with beauty began at my mother’s dressing table. So enamoured was I with my mum’s powder puff, Estée Lauder rouge and raspberry lipstick that I ended up with a cotton bud ingrained in my left ear and said lipstick up my nostril for my first trip to A&E: at five years old, I’d already encountered my first beauty emergency.

My passion led to a career in beauty journalism. At Vogue Australia, my boss would scold me at every Monday morning meeting for being too bronzed (I spent my entire Sydney weekends sunbathing seal-like on Bondi Beach, little did she know this was also accompanied with a pack of Silk Cut) which was simply not becoming for an editor in a country where ‘slip, slop, slap’ was the suncare mantra. I then became an editor myself of beauty titles including Boots Health & Beauty and Top Santé.

Most women I meet become more and more ‘themselves’ as they mature: more witty, more decisive, more discerning, more interesting, more arresting and richer in every conceivable way and to celebrate being 50 and fabulous, I’ve started a blog, www.thefclub.uk, with a dear friend.

My attitude to this milestone year is that getting this far is a privilege not afforded to all and so I am delighted to be ‘ageing’; after all, what is the alternative? I eschew all procedures and actually feel happy about nature’s changes – it helps that I have a loving husband who compliments me regularly and there is always the kindness of candlelight!

As I enter my fifth decade, I’m reevaluating my beauty regime. I’m aware that I have a drier dermis, hands that tell the truth of time and that some of my makeup may no longer flatter. My skin, hair and hands all need more TLC (in caps for good reason!) and so my beauty edit has become much more targeted.

Here is my rigorous edit of my essentials for 50-plus skin. Not the kind of skin that feels comfy in a shapeless cardi, but the SJP, Elle Macpherson, Cindy Crawford kind that says “why the hell not?” to animal print, leather and shorts (although not all at once). Remember, no one has to age gracefully any more.

To read the full feature and Jane’s Top 10 picks go to www.getthegloss.com


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