The F Club Book Recommendation: Mothering Sunday by Graham Swift

Mothering Sunday by Graham Swift

Who else is in a book club?   Ours began five years in Queens Park with a group of busy working women who were looking to read more, see each other more and have a laugh. We are a non-competitive, wine-drinking and cake eating crowd from all walks of professional life: An Architect, A Doctor, A Teacher, A Casting Director, A Garden Designer, A PR (me!) , A Managing Director, A P.A. and An Aromatherapist  Masseur.

After a succession of dull, dull, dull reads, last month a few of made a plea for the latest Jilly Cooper but were out voted by the more intellectual contingent.  And, even despite the fact the our newest read came recommended by Channel 4 legend Jon Snow, (who The Aromatherapist Masseur met on a retreat recently) – I had little motivation to pick it up from our local book shop.

With just four days to go until book club, I picked up a copy of Mothering Sunday by Graham Swift.   Relieved it was only 132 pages long, I settled down on the sofa and literally devoured it in four hours.  It’s so good – profoundly moving and immediately transports you into the life of a young maid Jane Fairchild, who as an orphan was put into service at 14.

The story takes place on one day, 30 March 1924 – Mothering Sunday – when staff are free to visit their parents.  Jane is having an affair with the soon-to-be-married heir Paul Sheringham and as the day unfolds, so does a sense of looming tragedy.

I give this one a 5 triple star …. and it’s my turn next month to choose so please do share your recommendations!  Love Marie Louise x


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