So …..can we talk about Mother’s Day?

My family are pretty good at celebration – there’s an uncorked champagne bottle in just about every kitchen cupboard you care to mention.

We always give Mother’s Day some welly – not least because we almost lost my mum (to a terrifying heart attack) a year and a half ago and we know to enjoy the good stuff as long as we can.

Today was no exception – my husband made a feast – in fact I have eaten so embarrassingly well this weekend – lobster, caviar, salmon en croute – have all decadently figured. We drank bubbles, we toasted today and the brightest of futures.

The five baby bunnies cuddles, the dog snuggled, my son and I giggled, my mum, brother and I talked, laughed and may have shed some tears. It was wonderful.

Happy Mother’s Day Love Jane x

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