Hangover Cure in a Bottle

I may have just found a product I’ve needed my entire adult life – an instant boost hangover cure – hello you and where have you been hiding?  It’s called Hydraglow cream oil but that doesn’t do it justice. It boosts circulation using prebiotics which infuse the skin to leave a soft filmy sheen rendering the wearer a healthful plump complexion glowing a rosy glow which cannily mimics a 2 mile jog in the park. It’s a wonder. Why have I never heard of it before? Because it has just launched in Harvey Nichols, hails from Phoenix, Arizona and is created by Glowbiotics  – a company hitherto available only Stateside.

It costs £47 and my advice is to hotfoot it to Knightsbridge pronto, also available at www.harveynichols.com. www.glowbiotics.com



Love Jane x

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