Fabian’s Food: Vietnamese Rice Wraps

These healthy wraps are super easy to prepare and always a big hit. The ones shown here are vegan and dairy free but you can add smoked salmon, cream cheese and mango instead. Actually, fill them with whatever you fancy.


Vietnamese Rice Paper Wraps (usually sold in packs of 24)



Purple Gem Lettuce

Mange tout

Bean sprouts

Spinach leaves



Spring onions




Lime juice

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Soy Sauce




Peel avocado and cut in three wedges, 1 wedge per wrap

Julienne one carrot and other ingredients in bowls to build wraps

Fill a shallow food bowl with cold water and wet two wraps at a time

Take a cloth and place on kitchen counter and place wraps on individually

Put in 3/4 leaves baby spinach and purple gem and add pinch of beansprouts, avocado wedge and mange tout

With right hand on vegetables, with left hand fold rice paper over vegetables, lift bottom of wrap upwards and wrap around

But do wrap before they become sticky – if they do, save contents and throw away wrap and start again

If they fall apart just start again – it’s why they’re in packs of 24


Sauce: chop onions and coriander 2tbsp each

half teaspoon garlic and ginger grated

Add tsp lime juice and 3 tsp sugar, half a cup soy sauce, 3 tbsp sweet chilli sauce, mix together

Keep in fridge: this spicy sauce lasts ages and tastes better and better with age. I make a batch and keep it to baste chicken.


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