Fabian’s Food: Brunch: Make Mother’s Day a Morning Event

You would think at 50 you’d know how to make poached eggs, but I make hundreds of these in minutes in the restaurant so this is my tried and tested method. Make her mother’s day with this breakfast in bed.

Poached Eggs:

In a medium pan add 4 cups water and half a cup white wine vinegar

Bring to a boil and lower heat by half so it’s simmering

With a wooden spoon go round edge of pan slowly to create a clockwise movement in the water

Crack an egg into a cup with a lip to it

Drop the egg into water for 2 minutes, take out with a spoon

Place in bowl of cold water and reheat whenever you need

My favourite brunch spreads that accompany poached eggs:

Add avocados, smoked salmon, tomatoes with sea salt

Cream cheese and smoked salmon – whizz in a blender for Lox

Chia and pumpkin seed toast






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