A Mother’s Day triumph kids!

ML + gang on Mother’s Day morning

Mother’s Day for me usually consists of a bottle of Radox from the corner shop and a cobbled together card at the end of the day.  Social media would make me feel crap thanks to the stream of pampered Mum pics and often the day would end in tears.

Maybe Dad had spurred these kids on.  Who knows but my lot, and (thankfully) one of my friend’s lot always, always let us down.   So we’d often share sorrows & laughter over a cuppa

This year with heavy hints laid  (thank you ASDA advert) I was hopeful it would be different.  Would I be appreciated?  Well first up was my daughter with a gorgeous card and some flowers, followed by my son with a full English breakfast, fruit salad and flower in vase on a tray (which had been pre-planned the day before).

Then a trip down memory lane to Leighton House where we got married and then back home by 11am (thanks for the clocks jumping forward) for a dog walk with my friend … who’s children had laid on breakfast & cuddles.

So despite the ironing, dishwasher, sofa plumping, lunch and dinner making to follow – it was a blissful morning!  Happy Mother’s Day – Love Marie Louise

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