Amen for the truth from a women we all adore. Few people deserve the term Legend but Dame Joan Collins unequivocally does. She’s a national treasure and a personal heroine – who wouldn’t want to be like her with her balls-to -the -wall attitude, humour and ageless beauty. The iconic Hollywood actress let’s thefclub.uk into a few of her life and style secrets spanning every delicious decade. There were the starlet years of her youth, the sexy bonkbuster years of The Stud and The Bitch and, of course, the Dynasty period.  She is not set to retire any time soon and stars in feel-good comedy ‘The Time of Their Lives’ in cinemas on 10th March, alongside Oscar nominee Pauline Collins. As if there’s weren’t enough for a 20 year old’s energy levels, this fabulous octogenarian creates and presides over her own beauty line – Timeless Beauty. Today she shares with us just  how to create that elusive “smokey eye” Joan style, why her grandchildren flock over at the weekend and how everyone can carry off a red lippie. We’re taking notes……


How did you feel in your fifties? 

Fabulous! And I feel the same today.

Secret of a happy marriage? 

Separate bathrooms! Percy (Husband Percy Gibson, 51, is Joan’s second husband and they’ve been married 15 years)  knows not to interfere with my social calendar and I don’t mess with his financial work.

Biggest life lesson? 

You will never be as young as you are today or look as good as you did in your 20’s.

What do you do on a lazy Sunday? 

I spend time with my family and grandchildren.

Does Joan Collins cook? 

Yes, I love to cook! My grandchildren love coming round for food at weekends.


Best Beauty advice for a woman 40 plus? 

Look after your skin and don’t neglect your neck.

Can any woman wear red lipstick? 

Yes! Any woman can wear red lipstick with confidence. My lipsticks have many different shades of red which suit a wide range of different skin tones.

Most over rated make up item? 

None! All makeup is fabulous!

How do you do a successful smokey eye? 

I started wearing a smokey eye when I was 16 years old. I was heavily inspired by the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor. I would make sure my face was pale, and created a smokey eye with thick, dark brows. I would also wear thick, black eyeliner and finish off the look with a nude lip to let the eyes do the talking.

Cream you really couldn’t live without? 

I religiously use my Scrupulous Cleanser to remove makeup, but it also leaves my skin feeling and looking smooth too.

Do you use face powder? 

Yes, always! I always use my own compact or Meticulous Powder from Timeless Beauty.

Secret of looking ever youthful and fabulous? 

Always remove makeup before sleeping. I also recommend using cold eye pads on top of your eyes to refresh them.

Desert Island product?

That would definitely be my Paparazzi Compact Duo from Timeless Beauty. It’s a 2-in-1 product with a powder and lipstick!

Hair saviour?

Elnett Hairspray. I wouldn’t use anything else, as I have used it for years and it works!

Joan Collins range of beauty products Limitless Beauty are available from QVC and M&S and I can highly recommend the Class Act mascara – which has become my new beauty must-have

Love Jane x

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