No epic diets here

As soon as January dawns we berate ourselves the seasonal over indulgence. But I believe we shouldn’t be tough on ourselves in, quite possibly, the hardest month of the year to navigate: taxes are due, it’s freezing outside, it’s back to work time. Shall we instead give ourselves a great big break? YES!

I love food, am married to a chef, am ridiculously greedy and have eaten decadently this festive few weeks. Goose, lobster, truffles, macaroons, wine, Baileys, Brie and Port have featured on the menu HEAVILY!

And I am 50 and at my goal weight  – at 5 ft 4, waist 25 inches and a 8 stone 5 – I am happily at my wear- whatever- I -wish weight (leather trews, minis and Herve Leger have featured over the festivities, I kid you not).

And the secret is? Sensible portion sizes.

No smoke. No mirrors. No Miracles. I simply eat what I like but not in USA style, in fact,  to quote my heroine Dolly Parton: “If I want ice cream I’ll eat ice cream, but just an itty bit not the whole tub.”

So here’s some (boring but useful) portion size info: I know they sound small but actually they are perfectly formed

Chicken or salmon: only eat a portion the size of your palm – if you have small hands – it’s a sign!

A piece of cheese should be no bigger than the knuckle to tip of your thumb so do eat like a mouse

Ice cream scoops are that size for the right reason

Love Jane x



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