Ordinary product – extraordinary results!

I’m a big fan of India Knight‘s column in the Sunday Times Style where she recommends wonder products with miraculous results.  I was particularly struck by her review of new “stripped back” beauty brand on the block – The Ordinary which by all accounts delivers top of the range results at super cheap prices.

I’ve sensitive skin and my face can’t cope with most ‘revolutionary’ anti-aging creams.  It goes red, raw and sore.   So I was a little cautious to try their Retinol lotion, which boasts great anti-wrinkle results.

But for the last 3 weeks I’ve been dabbing on a blob between washing and moisturizing every night.  And my face has definitely felt smoother and I’ve had no side effects.

But did I get any compliments?   I learnt that a book club friend had been talking about how amazing my skin was and asked if I had secretly been having work.

I’ve now added into the mix a skin illuminator under my foundation as recommend by the leading make-up artist, Sarah Cherry to give a youthful sheen.  And hey-presto, the compliments have just been poring in!

The Ordinary Retinol is only £8.00 – under £10 well spent, I reckon.

Love Marie Louise

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