Fabian’s Food: Veganuary

If you are still in New Year’s Health Resolution-ville we salute you!At The F Club  –  we don’t believe in faddy diets. That said. Sometimes a break from meat and dairy can be a good idea – no one needs them every single day of the week (even teenage boys) and specific health dietary needs sometimes necessitate a change of gastronomic gear.

So, aside from the fact we don’t need it, a lot of fish, fowl and flesh can be both overpriced and tasteless. A friend of ours has cancer and has gone completely vegan. Here’s what we made for her for dinner last night and will work for meatless Mondays and beyond, it’s all mainly in preparation rather than straight up cooking:


Aubergine & Basil bowl: salt aubergines a few hours in advance and wok-cook with garlic, adding basil at the end

Mini Mushrooms garlic, vegetable stock and cider: slice mushrooms in half and baste in garlic and nut oil, vege stock and cider until cooked

Quinoa and rice salad, crushed cashews, sunblanched cherry tomatoes, spring onion, parsley, sage, rocket: cook quinoa as usual and add basted red onion, ground nuts, oven baked tomatoes, and multi herbs to taste – mix and serve

Couscous with corn kernals, pomegranate and houmous, parsley, dill, mint and tarragon: roast corn on baking tray and add to steamed couscous and add an array of the freshest, tastiest of herbs and serve

Heritage tomato and avocado salad: mix a multi coloured tomato bowl – yellow, green, purple and red – and add sliced avocado. Simply add balsamic to taste.

Love Jane x

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