Cheer me up please

I’ve got the late January blues – and I know I’m not alone. It’s cold, we’re all broke, there’s nothing new on Netflix and it’s taxes week – eeek!

So what better moment to revel in the simple pleasures that make life worth living:

Time with people you love – friends, family, get them over and park in front of the fire with plenty of Rioja

Create food that you all crave and do it together – the kitchen is where I have the very best conversations with my teenage son – colluding in creation and, crucially, no eye contact

Keep the dog on your lap and in your bed – they’re called man’s best friend for their hot water bottle properties don’t you know…

This weekend en famille we’ve been cooking up a few of our favourite feasts: night one: my favourite Latin food.Ropa Vieja literally translates as “old clothes” and is made of Onglet steak, olives, onions and oodles of garlic in a steaming tomato broth. It’s the most powerfully aromatic food you could eat and one that is healthy into the bargain. You can serve it with rice and beans Cuban style or eat it solo. We make a huge batch and I take it to work with me for a daily dose of love in a bowl.

And, last night we celebrated Chinese new year with an appropriate spread – prawn, chilli & spring onion gyozas, egg friend rice, Chinese broccoli with lashings of garlic.

Clean food diets……pah!


Love Jane x



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