How to make 200% profit from your kid’s wardrobe


We had a major gold rush in our house today. My son has been trying for months to buy something from Supreme – anything –  and continually failing. Until now.

Do you know Supreme? Me neither, but it has crept up on a certain demographic to become one of the world’s most sought after brands. They release a limited edition ‘piece’ once a week at 11am. Clever.

As my son pointed out, “this is very kind of them Mum, as it’s during our break at school.” See what I mean – clever.

The only way he was going to have success was to take my very expensive lap-top to school, with details of MY BANK CARD, and set up something called a ‘Bot’ which automatically lands the piece into the basket.  With the re-sale value of over 200% of the ticket price, I agreed, only with the promise of a profit share.

SUCCESS –   he landed the big fish – a limited edition very rare branded sweatshirt for £130.

After all this fuss, I suggested he keep the trophy.  But no. It was immediately up on Depop and sold for £375. Profit of £245! Ker-ching.

You can see why the boys are going crazy for this stuff.  It’s serious money.

Love Marie Louise

(PS all his profits have gone to his computer Xmas wish gift)

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