Friday Night in: The Affair season 3


If you are Xmas partied out and having a well deserved night in have we got a treat for you! We are currently both obsessed with this excellent Sky series. The first two seasons were sexy and thrilling and twisted and brilliant. The third instalment is different – darker, bleaker, chilling – bringing an altogether more European flavour to the proceedings. Which seems just seeing as our main characters are both Brits playing Americans – Ruth Wilson as Alison and Dominic West as Noah plus we are introduced to a new French love interest – Juliette,played winningly by Irene Jacob.

At the start of the new season we join protagonist Noah after he has spent three years in jail paying for a crime (Spoiler Alert!) he didn’t commit. He is lecturing at what looks like Princeton and he has a new lust in his life – in Professor Juliette – and a stalker in the form of a prison guard – played by a giantly bulky and terrifying Brendan Fraser.

No one is happy, everyone drowning in their own sorrows – Noah and sister Nina have lost their father, Noah’s ex wife Helen is trying to win him back, Alison, Noah’s current but estranged wife is also estranged from her own tiny daughter and Juliette (new French lover – do keep up!) has a husband with dementia and a (deeply uncomfortable to watch)  unsatisfactory sex-in-the-kitchen scene with a (broody and boring) student.

It’s gonna be good. We’re glued.

Happy weekend

Love Jane and Marie Louise x



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