What is commuting doing to my skin?

For the last two months or so, I’ve been squishing onto the tube and marching through London pollution & bacteria on the daily commute – not great for anyone’s skin so I decided I needed a new, super natural face cleaning routine. I was very happy to receive a collection of ananne products to try out. This is a clever brand for today – it is organic, vegan and free from anything synthetic but clinically proven for great results thanks to a Swiss neuroscientist behind the brand, Dr Urs Pohlman. Well that sold me! The face-wash smells warm and comforting, and the face oil is full of Rose Hip and Borage Seeds (whatever they are!) – anyway, my face loves it and drinks it quick.  Has anyone said to me “wow your skin looks amazing!” – no they haven’t (probably need Botox or a face lift for that) But my face feels happy and smooth and I am comforted that when I sleep my skin should be rejuvenating thanks to science and nature!

Love Marie Louise x


Meanwhile my ultimate beauty arsenal seems to be full of miniature potions – thanks to a Liberty store special – I’d run out of perfume (Diptyque 34 always) – and they had a spend £150 and get a gorgeous set of minis. I am utterly addicted to the Ren cleanser and Keihls moisturiser – both are natural, minimal and smell of nothing much in particular but they keep my skin smooth supple and glowing. And the Diptyque candle makes every home smell like an Alpine spa. All hail the minis!

Love Jane x

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