Friday night in: Last Man on Earth & Hotel Transylvania


The Last Man on Earth is one of the funniest shows on TV ever.

I have no idea why it is still under the radar but with winter nights setting in you are going to love me for sharing this top TV pick.   It follows one man’s struggle Phil Miller, to maintain his humanity in a human-free world until, the arrival of Kristen Schaal’s “last woman on earth”.   Brilliantly cast!  I don’t want to reveal much more and at only 18 minutes a pop you’ll be chomping through the remaining 36 episodes with glee – roaring all the way. And then …. even better news – there are two more series!  Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Its available on Amazon Prime Love Marie Louise


So tonight I have five kids for a sleepover in a two bedroom cottage. Wish me luck. I am making a homemade Chinese feast complete with roast chicken, duck, wings, ribs and rice. These kids EAT.
The boys want to watch The Dictator or Deadpool and the girls are going to chill to Hotel Transylvania. Sauvignon Blanc chilling and at the ready. Happy Weekend
Love Jane x

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