Hurrah! A figure that’s “distracting”



On a recent holiday to New York and a beach day at my family’s favourite beach – Coney Island – I had one helluva compliment.

My son and husband had gone in search of the famous Nathan’s hotdogs and I was lying solo on the beach in my bikini when a young, handsome dude in surf shorts approached “Excuse me madam,” he said, “my friend the lifeguard” he gestured to the Jamie Dornan faced, six pack rack, red shorted babe man in the beach high chair, “says you’re distracting him.”

Shocked. Delighted. British and Modest. I shooed him away.

It came hot on the heels of my 50th birthday celebrations, and I cannot deny it was a moment of “Yes – still got it!” And made me smile all day and beyond.

Funnily enough I didn’t tell my husband about it on the beach, he has a traditional Latin temperament and I didn’t want a jealous scene. But I told him later in the day and I was surprised he was thrilled – knowing his wife was desirable and still youthful. In fact, he has recited this story so many more times than me on our return, and it’s gone down into our family memories that make us giggle. Frickin A!

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