Fabian’s Vietnamese Vegan Wraps


Stuck for ideas for vegan vistors? These wraps are deceptively simple and really healthy.  They went down a storm at fashion week with both models and the stylists – hope you enjoy!  Love Fabian

TO BUY: for 10 individual portions: TIME FOR PREP: 15 minutes

1 pack Vietnamese rice papers (approx 45 discs per pack)

Julienne Peeler advised


1 avocado: peeled, each half cut into 5 wedges

1 mango: cut into small strips

Baby spinach 400 g

1 head of purple gem lettuce: 10 leaves trimmed

2 spring onions, 2 inches each: julienned

Mange tout 10g: julienned (ie cut thinly)

Half of one carrot: julienned

Half a cucumber – deseeded and julienned

Ginger 20g, peeled, sliced and julienned

Coriander 10 sprigs


Fill a mixing bowl with cool water and using a damp kitchen towel, wet the disks inside the mixing bowl one at a time so they do not stick, then put on top of damp cloth

Fill each one at 12 o ‘clock with a purple gem leaf first, then baby spinach, followed by other ingredients equally

With right hand put the ingredients into bed and with the left hand make sure ingredients are snug and secure

With right hand flip up the bottom and fold towards your left until you have a neat package


1 handful of fresh Coriander – wash first, chop small

1 avocado – cut in half and peel whole

Pop in a blender

Add 2 tablespoons of lime juice, 2 tablespoons of any white vinegar, salt and pepper to taste

Blend and add water until consistency is a sauce


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